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01 Apr 2021

Bonannos' Train Cargo

This is an asset I created for my story which happens in wild west at the times of the legendary Judge Holden.

13 Oct 2019

Young And Wild

This is a commission sculpt I did for a client recently. It was done for 3D printing.

21 Mar 2019

Portrait of Sir Anthony Hopkins

This is my most recent personal project that I've been creating in my free time. It's inspired by "Robert Ford" character in Westworld series, played by the living legend, Anthony Hopkins.

08 Mar 2019


I did this quick project based on a sketch by Johannes Helgeson, to test out some of Pablo Munoz Gomez's cool brushes, and the ZBrush 2019's new NPR feature.

14 Aug 2018

Gladiator Tribute

I've done this as a tribute to my favorite actor, Russell Crowe and also one of my favorite movies, Gladiator.

07 Aug 2018

Vank Cathedral

This is a historical place in Isfahan. Full of fantastic storytelling paintings all over the cathedral.

07 Aug 2018


I can't think that this tree will ease into life in Spring after a such a long deep sleep. It's miraculous in my opinion.

07 Aug 2018

The Farm

I think I've already planned out my life after retirement!

07 Aug 2018

The Drop

I think the art is all about observing tiny details in everyday life.

07 Aug 2018

The Door

I wonder where this entrance leads. Into memories, I guess!

07 Aug 2018


I could get calm just by imagining these tiny waves move in harmony!

07 Aug 2018


The texture of the wall looked very interesting to me at the first glance.

07 Aug 2018

One And Lonely

This is the house where most of teenage summer weekends were spent in. I loved how I woke up with a touch of a cool breeze.

07 Aug 2018

On Fire

I love silhouettes. They kinda tell us to focus on the big picture. Now it's better when it's combined with a burning sky.

07 Aug 2018

Old School

It was a wall decoration at RedCap Games studio when I worked there. Right beside the recording room.

07 Aug 2018

Nature's Handcraft

It was interestingly natural. It was like someone did it intentionally, but no, it was an artwork by nature itself.

07 Aug 2018

My Friend

I used to play classical guitar, when I played, nothing else mattered. That's what good friends do to you.

07 Aug 2018


Can you imagine how it feels to stay up there all the time and work for people who don't even notice you?

07 Aug 2018


It could be the kind of feeling that a caged bird has.

07 Aug 2018


It really hurts me when I ask myself what if this is a male 'lady'bug?

07 Aug 2018

I'm Not Listening

The green one (probably a male, I'm not a bird expert) seems to be really regretful. I wish could tell "I feel ya bro" to him!

07 Aug 2018

Group Despair

They didn't seem like a bunch of ordinary extra mannequins to me. They seemed to have feelings.

07 Aug 2018

Green Valley

I wish I was living in such a beautiful village. Just cooling my head off the work by the riverside.

07 Aug 2018


My mind really acts weird sometimes. When I snapped this shot, I thought "Wow, a cave and a tree together, their friendship is extraordinary after such a long time!"

07 Aug 2018

Flying In A Blue Dream

Nothing's makes me wonder like the sky, so I always have an eye for it. Someone flying over the sea? More wonderful!

07 Aug 2018


It's like as if the train has just woken up in the dark, and looking at me.

07 Aug 2018


Cliches became cliche because they worked! I like how this one turned out.

07 Aug 2018


I personally like this one a lot. It reminds me of, well, "Moonwalk!"

11 Jun 2018

The Minotaur

He is another character for my personal story, inspired by the ancient Greek mythology.

04 May 2018

The Professor

He is another character for my personal story. A simple, perfectionist scientist.

06 Oct 2017

The Brawler

This is the orc leader for my personal story. He's earned the name for a reason!

14 Aug 2017

Leonard Cohen - Portrait

I've been deeply inspired by Leonard Cohen in many aspects of my life, so I decided to sculpt his earlier-times' style as a tribute to him.

21 Jun 2017

The Night King

I got really inspired by the Game of Thrones series, so I decided to create a fan art.