01 Jul 2018

The Minotaur Action Figure

This is my own take on the Minotaur of the ancient Greek mythology.

The Minotaur Action Figure

I tried a couple of cool techniques on this one. I created it to try to show the mood better, and also to improve my skill set. I developed my own workflow for such works during this fun project; which I’m gonna talk about.


Sculpting and Posing Process

I already had the basic A-Pose done, so all I had to do was to pose him, without losing my already sculpted details.

For such complicated poses, I find it hard to try using zbrush’s Transpose Master. So I sent my low res mesh to Maya, rigged it -since I’m comfortable with rigging in Maya- and then posed it. I brought back my character into zbrush, and projected all the details back to my mesh using Displacement maps and continued sculpting some pose-related details and volumes.


Also, I changed some of my artistic decisions along the way, in comparison to what I had originally.

I used SnakeHook and Slash2 brushes to sculpt the cloth details.

I rendered it using ZBrush. Just created a couple of renderpasses and composed them in Photoshop.



I kinda get bored quickly, so I need to improve in a daily manner. So I asked a friend of mine, Ardalan Hashemi Asl, who is a capable 2D artist, how to level up my works.
We came to the conclusion that if I needed to level up, I needed to leave my comfort zone in order to push my limits. So I decided to create a posed version of my character as if it’s going to be sold as a premium action figure by some toy company.

I hope these kinda thoughts and works, inspire you guys as well.

For higher resolution images, please visit my Artstation.