27 Oct 2017

The Throat Cutter

This is the Argonian leader to take his role in my personal story. No one sees him coming!

The Throat Cutter - Argonian Assassin

This is the second character in my series of character design for my personal story. He is sneaky and fast. He has his own methods of taking lives, and his cold blood definitely makes him a natural born killer.



His father was killed by an orc in a historical battlefield, so he had to steal stuff just to stay alive. He had no other choice but becoming perfect in doing what it takes to stay safe, at least for a while: Stealing, and Killing

Years later, he tried to take the lead of his people, and so did he. He had his father in mind, as a personal motivations and also he had the power of taking care of stuff neatly to become the leader.


Now, there is the perfect opportunity for him to do something he waited his whole life for, to take revenge, as well as conquering what his people desperately need: Water! Rumors have it that if he takes out the orcs’ leader, enough water sources will be right at their possition. So the hunt begins!


Below, you can see some close-up ZBrush renders to take a closer look at details:

argonian_by_hossimo_1 argonian_by_hossimo_2 argonian_by_hossimo_3 argonian_by_hossimo_4 argonian_by_hossimo_5 argonian_by_hossimo_6

For higher resolution images, and also a different render set, please visit my Artstation.