07 Jul 2018

Sweet And Delicate

I wanted to do something with different mood than my usual work, so I came up with this idea.

Sweet And Delicate

It’s been a while since I wanted to do a portrait with a different mood and feeling from my usual works.

Also I did this to study female anatomy and try some new composition techniques.

Design And Inspiration

I wanted her to kinda feel -as the title says- “sweet and delicate.” Usually before this, I used to create some rough male characters. I wanted something different to try to expand my area of work.


Originally, this was inspired by my “sweetie,” and all the feelings she pumped me with. I thank her from here! xo xo

Sculpting and Posing Process

I created a base mesh in Maya, and did the UV’s there. Then I sculpted all the details in ZBrush in M-Pose. After that I sent my low res mesh to Maya and Rigged it there. Then it was time to bring it back to ZBrush and project the details back and continue sculpting.

I rendered it using ZBrush. Just created a couple of renderpasses and composed them in Photoshop.

For higher resolution images, please visit my Artstation.