14 Aug 2018

Gladiator Tribute

I've done this as a tribute to my favorite actor, Russell Crowe and also one of my favorite movies, Gladiator.

Gladiator Tribute

I was going to try a couple of new techniques on some piece that adds a bit of variety to my portfolio. So I picked Russell Crowe.


Given my age, “Gladiator” was the first movie which heavily touched me emotionally. I remember how I was fascinated by it as I watched it over and over again! Basically it was only after Gladiator when I got deeper into movies.So I decided to pay my tribute by creating this piece. Hope you like it.


Sculpting Process

I used Maya for creating the base meshes, ZBrush for adding details, and Transpose Master to pose him with. All the accessories and clothing were done by hand. The hair is Fiber Mesh and It was rendered using ZBrush and composed in Photoshop.




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