06 Oct 2017

The Brawler

This is the orc leader for my personal story. He's earned the name for a reason!

The Brawler - Orc Ranked Warrior

This is the first character in my series of character design for my personal story. His mission is to lead his entire race through a war in which all other races are engaged.



He usually uses no weapons other than his bear hands and what comes with his armor! Due to his raw physical power, he became the orcs’ leader in their planet, to lead them through tough times. There’s a war going on, everybody’s fighting over a mutual basic need amongst all: Water!


The orcs camps around water sources were made way before anyone else, so they rule over most water resources. But not for long, not anymore, because the Argonians are coming and no one sees them coming when the approach.


Below, you can see some close-up ZBrush renders to take a closer look at details:

orc_by_hossimo_1 orc_by_hossimo_2 orc_by_hossimo_3 orc_by_hossimo_4 orc_by_hossimo_5 orc_by_hossimo_6

For higher resolution images, and also a different render set, please visit my Artstation.